This section will contain articles, cooking tips, advice about how to low-carbify your existing favourite recipes.

A couple of recent articles I wrote for another website:

  • Can a Vegetarian follow the Atkins diet?
  • Why did I become a vegetarian?
  • Meet the Meatless – Some Vegetarian Celebrities

Some general cooking tips:

  • Weights and Measures
  • You say cilantro, I say….
  • Uh-oh! It’s gone lumpy
  • Oops, it’s too runny
  • Rescuing burnt cookware
  • Oils ain’t Oils
  • Cheese, please
  • Hard Cheeses
  • Rubbery Cheeses
  • Soft, Unripened Cheeses
  • Soft, Ripened Cheeses
  • To Taste
  • Degorging Eggplant