Welcome to my personal cook-book. Most of the recipes here are things I’ve developed over the years, or vegetarian versions of common dishes.

I’ve made this site to help people to learn to cook in a healthy way, and to encourage vegetarians to have a varied and interesting diet. My aim is to encourage people to become confident with cooking, so experiment – the recipes are just a starting point. Be creative, it’s all a matter of taste.

This sure isn’t meant to be a showy gourmet site. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive and easily available, and the dishes are mostly very easy to prepare. This is everyday cooking, not fancy dinner-party fare (although my guests don’t seem to complain). If I do my job well enough, you won’t need me after awhile.

With all of the evidence now to support the Atkins diet and it’s many low-carb, high-protein derivatives, a lot of rednecks are happily gloating over how ‘unhealthy’ a vegetarian diet is, since it’s typically high in carbs. Certainly in the countries I’ve lived in, the main reason people are vegetarians is for ethical reasons as opposed to health, but there’s also a great deal of evidence to suggest that a vegetarian diet IS healthy (for example, most cancers are much less prevalent in vegetarians).

Being overweight is of course a health issue, though. I will therefore be emphasising low-carb recipes, tips and links. The official Atkins site says that being a vegetarian makes the Atkins diet so limited and boring that most vegetarians don’t stick with it. Although they then provide about 50 vegetarian recipes, most of which I thought looked pretty tasty!

I’m currently a bit snowed under due to the recent release of my Golden Tarot though, so it may take me awhile to add the new section (considering I never finished the old site!).

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